What makes Turkish traditional weaving unique is not only the technique that is used, weavers have reflected their wishes, hopes and have communicated their stories into every knot for centuries. As a host of many civilizations, traditional Anatolian weavings reflect the cultural richness of all societies that lived in Anatolian lands. According to some researchers, the origins of motifs go back to ancient civilizations.

The motifs are woven from the weaver's memory without using any kind of instruction sheet. They learn the motifs from their mothers, grandmothers, and traditions passed from one generation to another. By still weaving the centuries-old motifs, they keep the history alive and give these handwoven textiles a special meaning.


"Hands on hips" figure symbolizes motherhood, fertility and abundance. Burdock is a plant with thorns and its symbol is usually used with an eye symbol together for the protection of the family against the evil eye. Running water patterns are widely used to symbolize the life and also emphasize the importance of water.

Whether you layer it on your sofa or wrap it around you while you read your favorite book. We hope these handwoven cotton Kilim blankets will bring joy, comfort, and authentic touch to your life.