Our Ethos

Our pieces are mindfully made according to our philosophy of sustainability and ethics. Made using only natural fabrics such as cotton and linen, you can rest assured that investing in a piece from the Sage & Tassel collection means that you are making a responsible choice that will leave a lasting legacy you can be proud of.

We rely exclusively on local artisans based in Turkiye to handcraft our pieces, leveraging the indigenous knowledge of Turkish weaving that these highly skilled artisans have perfected over generations. In this way, we provide a promise of authenticity and global impact with every piece that is purchased.

Our Story

Founded by Meltem Yavas, a Turkish native living in Southern California, Sage & Tassel was established on the principles of impact, tradition, and passion. Our founder was inspired to share the rich cultural heritage of her homeland with the world, emphasizing essential values such as sustainability, ethics and quality.

In establishing Sage & Tassel, Meltem was adamant on ensuring that the collection would be ethically produced by local Turkish artisans, ensuring that the brand championed authenticity and allowed customers to have the best of Turkish craftsmanship. Meltem’s vision was to offer handwoven, relaxed and forever pieces that cherish the time honored Turkish traditional craftsmanship. This was the basis upon which Sage & Tassel’s small batch, handwoven range was born.

Our Offering

Combining traditional crafmanships with modern designs, we offer soft, relaxed multifunctional resort wear, loungewear and home textiles. Our collections are designed to enhance day-to-day living, with durability, timelessness, and versatility at the forefront of our designs. Our line's minimalist, neutral aesthetic makes it effortless to integrate them into your everyday life seamlessly.